Blue Nation Strategies is a boutique communications firm based out of Washington, DC.
Think of us as a local firm with a national footprint.

A Personal and Unique Touch

Every candidate has a personal story – their own unique reason for running – and the dynamics in each race and each district are different. The best way to learn about a district and a candidate is to spend time with that candidate in that district. We believe that our job is not only to execute a direct mail plan, but to know the district, the candidate, and the campaign inside and out. We have a hands-on model that believes in the individuality of each race and the special attention each one deserves.

Cookie-Cutter Communications Don’t Work

A woman-owned and woman-run firm, we believe that a cookie-cutter, template approach doesn’t work. Instead, we listen to the candidate, learn about the district, and design a strategy tailored to the specific race. We have found over and over again that communicating a candidate-specific, authentic message resonates and wins. These candidates are your neighbors, your friends, and your community members – their personal stories are what make them stand out and make them relatable to voters.

Creativity + Targeting = Victories

We pride ourselves on creative out of the box work that grabs voters’ attention. But, the best creative work in the world doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get to the right voters. That’s why Blue Nation Strategies starts each race with a deep dive into the district’s data. Then we work with the pollster and campaign team to develop efficient universes, utilizing the latest models.

Woman-Owned & Woman-Run

Blue Nation Strategies is proud to be a woman-owned and woman-run firm with experience in 30 states. Working-class women will be a key universe to persuade in 2018 and 2020. And historically, women make up the majority of Democratic primary electorates. Bottom line, having women and diversity at the table matters and increases your chance of winning.